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solo parent child birth education class

Are you single and pregnant, and dreading a childbirth education class filled with couples?

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Our childbirth preparation course is based in The Cornerstone Method which integrates sound, breath, touch, relaxation and joy into the labor and birth process. Our approach is evidence based and completely unbiased - we help prepare birthing parents planning hospital or home births of any kind.


To provide unbiased, evidence-based information to guide you in choosing your options while empowering you to make informed decisions and advocate for the birth you want. We will share a full range of what you can expect physically and emotionally so you can set yourself up to have the most positive experience possible. We will guide you to set a clear intention for your birth while also helping you remain flexible and open to other scenarios so you can feel empowered and positive about your birth experience and all of your choices along the way.


Topics Covered:

  • Physiology of labor: effacement, dilation and station
  • Stages of labor: pre-labor, rounds of contractions, early, active and transition (includes what to expect emotionally, physically and mentally with coping mechanisms for each)
  • Timing contractions correctly
  • What to expect immediately postpartum
  • Writing your birth plan
  • Packing for birth, staying hydrated and nourished
  • Breathing exercises and comfort measures
  • Medical Interventions and making informed decisions
  • Coping with fear
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Rebeccah Schermesser and Sarah Kowalski, are both single parents passionate about serving the single mom community. They are certified Childbirth Educators and postpartum doulas.

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Pregnant Women Meeting At Ante Natal Class


All classes meet 9:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday of a given weekend.  Snacks provided; participants are encouraged to bring lunch. You will also need to purchase a course handbook, available on Amazon for $30. It is recommended to purchase ahead of time so you can begin reading.

Course Fee: $275

*While a birth partner or support person is not required to attend the course, you are welcome to invite a friend who will be supporting you during your birth. We will arrange the curriculum to cluster the hours most useful to your support person - so they can attend only the most relevant part of the class.

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Companion class offered by Rebecca Plum of

Hearthstone Midwifery.

This special 4 hour combo class is designed exclusively for Solo Parents!  This particular combination of topics is oriented toward the expecting parent who has some experience with babies, and wishes to focus on those topics and skills specific to being a primary care provider.  We will cover Breastfeeding for the first half, and Newborn Care for the second half, with a brief break in between.  Location is TBD, depending on size of class and preference of members (but will definitely be in the East Bay). For more info click here

Register for both Breastfeed/New Born Care and Child Birth Education Classes and  and receive a 10% discount off both classes. Use code GET10 when registering for Child Birth Education Class to receive your discount.


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