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Online Courses and Support

Full service programs designed to educate you about options but also dive deep into the emotional aspects with lessons, exercises and worksheets for you to complete. Regular group calls to discuss the material, get support and learn mind/body techniques to help you cultivate clarity.

Support Groups

Join a community of like-minded women as we connect regularly to share our journeys, cultivate support and learn how to stay calm and grounded.  Most of these groups occur online to serve women all across the world, but some in-person groups may be formed in the Bay Area from time to time.

One On One Coaching

For those wanting individualized attention and support or those who can't wait for the next group session to begin. Using the Embodied Clarity Approach, I'll design a program to help you navigate your next moves, feeling at peace, well-educated about options and ready to move forward.
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Thinking and Trying

New Classes Starting Soon

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Thinking and Trying

Considering Single Motherhood? Move From Indecision to Clarity, Get Education and Resources, Process Emotional Concerns and Fears
  • Course 3 Month Intensive Course and Coaching Support Online

    Beta Version Starts March 7th 2018

Changing Course

Reevaluating Paths To Pregnancy When It's Not Working
  • 6 Week Individual Coaching Program (start anytime)

Egg Donor Support Group

3 Month Online Support Group Connect with other mothers, share resources, process difficult emotions.      

A Sneak Peak at What's Coming Soon....

Solo Pregnancy Support Group

  • 3 month Support Group with weekly calls
  • Get paired with fellow single mom
  • Private Online Community

Single Mom Childbirth Education Classes

Pregnant and Single and dreading a child birth education class filled with couples? My colleague Rebecca and I are thrilled to offer a class geared specifically for single moms. Class is offered as either an 8- week or intensive weekend. Next course is live in Oakland, CA March 17th and 18th. Online courses coming soon.

New Mom Support Group

Coming Soon: 3 month Online or In person Support Group  
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Course Details

Contemplating Single Motherhood: Embodied Clarity Approach


  • Have you dreamed of being a mother from a young age or just recently felt the urge to bring new life into this world?
  • Are scared to give up on a partner and do it alone?
  • Are you wondering if you want to pursue being a single mother via sperm donation?
  • Or maybe you've made the choice to do it alone, but you're feeling overwhelmed by choices and concerns.
When trying to decide whether to become a single mom or not, or even when starting to move forward, it’s easy to keep flipping between conviction and an endless stream of doubts and concerns. One moment you might feel clear and steadfast in your decision and the next moment you might find yourself ruminating and spinning with indecision, doubts and fears.  

What if you could short cut the process by: 

1) Getting a jump start on the necessary research

2)  Processing your fears and concerns with a group of like-minded women and

3) Tapping into your clarity so you can move forward quickly?

This comprehensive course combines self-study, and group support all using the Embodied Clarity Approach to help you move from indecision, doubt and anxiety to greater clarity and confidence.
You'll get everything you need to confidently make the right choice for you as well as feel supported as you begin the journey.
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What's Next? When Getting Pregnant Isn't Going As Planned

4 Private Session Package with 60 Days Email Support

When your doctor first mentions the of use donor eggs or adoption, it can be devastating. I know I shut down, unwilling to listen to her advice. Letting go of a genetic link to your child can feel catastrophic.  Not only do you need to mourn the lack of genetic connection, but you need to understand and process your options.
It can be hard to find someone who truly understands what you are going through and even harder to face into the painful emotions in order to consider options.
I'm here as your confidant and emotional support -- a non-judgemental listener. But I'm also short cut the information gathering process. In our sessions we will focus on:
  • Understand your emotional hooks: what does giving up on a genetic connection mean to you? How can you release that to move forward?
  • When to give up on using my own eggs and when to move on.
  • Options for egg donation: fresh or frozen eggs, vs embryo adoption etc
  • Options for adoption and fostering
What you get:
  • Emotional support and guidance as you address your emotional landscape
  • Mind/body tools to help you through the big emotions
  • Information: an overview of options
  • Research assistant: I’ve researched most of the topics and can jumpstart your information gathering, but when I can’t I’ll jump in with you to find the information you need.
  • Sounding board to process the options. Sick of trying to process your options and emotions with friends, partner or family. Does it feel like no one really gets it? I’m here to listen, inform, play devil’s advocate and mirror back what I hear.  I’ve been through it and dove deep into both the research and the grief so I can guide you through it.
Egg Donor Support Group
3 Month Online Support Group
Are you contemplating whether to use Donor Eggs to get pregnant? Are you raising a egg donor conceived child?  Would you like to connect to other mothers with the same experience?
Letting go of a genetic link to your child can feel devastating.  There are many emotions to digest and process that can make it difficult to move forward.  It's normal to be upset and mad at your body for not working as intended to make a baby. It's normal to worry about bonding with a baby that has no genetic connection to you. And, it's responsible to contemplate your child's experience as donor conceived so that you can do everything possible to normalize the situation and help them process their feelings as well.
Solo Pregnancy Support Group
Solo Pregnancy Support Group: You made it this far—you’re pregnant and have shown how capable and strong you are. Yet, you are feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed by choices, options, and possibly even anxiety. You know you can do this but it would be so much nicer to have a group of women who were on this journey with you to share concerns, swap resources, and just be emotionally held and supported by others who understand. Join an intimate group of women with due dates within the same three months. Bi-monthly calls: A forum to ask questions, share concerns and victories, and simply be together.
  • Each call will begin and end with a mind/body technique for staying centered and grounded during your pregnancy as well as fostering mobility throughout pregnancy.
  • A check in
  • Coaching or sharing for anyone who needs extra attention
  • A Check out.
Pregnancy Partner: Going through pregnancy without a partner leaves many women missing a point person to share the concerns, excitements, resources and decisions. Get paired with another pregnant woman.  When possible women will be paired by due dates or geographic location? Childbirth Preparation Class Add On: Dreading childbirth classes with a bunch of couples? Continue the love and support you’ve fostered during your pregnancy support group with an 8 week child birth preparation class tailored towards single moms. It's ok to come to this class alone or invite one or more support people.  I'll do my best to let you know which classes lend themselves more to having a support person with you. Get Updates
Single Mom Childbirth Education Class
Weekend Intensive Childbirth Education Class Child Birth Education Classes geared towards single moms and unconventional family structures.   Our goal: To provide unbiased, evidence-based information to guide you in choosing your options while empowering you to make informed decisions and advocate for the birth you want. We will share a full range of what you can expect physically and emotionally so you can set yourself up to have the most positive experience possible. We will guide you to set a clear intention for your birth while also helping you remain flexible and open to other scenarios so you can feel empowered and positive about your birth experience and all of your choices along the way.
Mothering Reimagined
Coming Soon: Being a mother constantly challenges us.  Nothing is what you expected, nor are you in the process. Together we can:
  • Leverage a lack of time to make you super grounded
  • Dating Reimagined
  • Juggling it all like a bada$$
Get Updates
Contemplating Single Motherhood
Do you desperately wish to be a mother but you haven't yet found a partner.  You keep going over options in your head but you aren't certain you will be able to pull off being a mother alone.  You wonder whether you should continue trying to date for a bit longer.  You have no idea how to get pregnant alone and the options are making your head spin.  Contact me to systematically work through your options, process emotions, and make a plan. Read More
What are the legal and emotional implications of using a known sperm or egg donor? What are the risks of using my friend to be my sperm donor?
Legal & Emotional Considerations of a Known Donor

Explore the legal and emotional considerations with your chosen donor.  Be prepared before you visit an attorney.

Read More

how can single moms and baby be the best mother. Reimagine what's possible as a mother
Reimagining Motherhood

How can you leverage the benefits of being a single mom to reimagine how you show up as a mother. Being a mother challenges us every day and can cause women to question themselves.

Read More

single woman looking at pregnancy test results alone
The Choice Mama Baby Project
Getting pregnant as a single mom by choice can be confusing and overwhelming. Frozen sperm, timing inseminations, IUI's vs. ICI, vs IVF--it's mind boggling.  Imagine having a sounding board, research partner, and emotional support as you navigate this road. That's me.  Contact me for individual coaching to help you make your dreams a reality.  Read More
egg donor and egg donation options. Your own eggs aren't working. Pros and cons of fressh vs frozen donor eggs
Donor Eggs, Embryo Adoption Logistics & Options

Need to use an egg donor to get pregnant.  The options are numerous: Frozen eggs, embryo adoption, going abroad, egg donor agencies etc.

Read More

solo mom child birth education
Mindfulness and Somatic Practices

Boost fertility, stay sane, be the most grounded mother you can be.

Read More

Choosing a Sperm Bank and Donor
Did you know that sperm banks are completely unregulated? The policies at the different clinics vary tremendously.  Learn about policies.  Then get clear about your own priorities in a donor so you can narrow down your choice more easily. I can coach you to understand what's important to you.  Book Now
alone thoughtful sadness girl is sad at the window
Egg Donation: Emotions and Loss

If you've been told you need to use an egg donor, there may be many emotions surfacing, much to mourn.  I can help you process it all.

Read More

vacation on the beach for fertility treatments. Vacation IVF, egg donation abroad, egg donor IVF in Mexico
Vacation IVF & Donor Eggs Abroad

 Assess whether you want to travel abroad for fertility treatments.

Read More

Is Now the Right Time to Have a Baby?

By | November 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

When is it the right time to have a baby? Many women who are considering having a baby alone, want to know when they will be ready to have a baby alone?  When should they move forward and do it alone?  The honest answer is probably never. And, you’ll never know if you were ready…

Planning Who and What To Tell About Your Child’s Donor Conception

By Joanna James | November 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

One of the most common concerns people bring up to me is who and how to tell other people about their child’s donor conception. It most regularly comes up for me when I’m talking to women about the use of an egg donor, but it’s relevant for anyone who’s used a sperm donor, adopted or…

Making Bold Life Choices

By | November 12, 2018 | 1 Comment

What do you do when you really want something, but you’re not sure you can pull it off? Like those big, bold life choices, should you become a single mother by choice, quit your job or travel the world with your child? Do you get put off by the enormity of the decision, feeling like…

How to Pick a Sperm Donor

By | April 20, 2018

If you’ve decided to move forward as a single mom by choice, a lesbian couple or otherwise in need of a sperm donor, there comes a time when you need to pick a sperm donor. For most people they’ve never done anything like it. You’re choosing the person to provide half the genetic material for…

Preparing to Visit A Fertility Doctor

By | January 18, 2018

So, you think you want to be a single mom via sperm donation, and you’ve made an appointment to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist or fertility doctor. You may have waited months to see this doctor so you want to be as prepared as possible for the appointment. The first step is getting clear about your…

Why I Chose Donor Egg IVF in Mexico

By | January 12, 2018

Why I Chose Donor Egg IVF in Mexico I shut my computer screen and took a deep breath. After months of stress, I finally had a sense of calm. I had just watched a video of the doctor at a fertility clinic in Cancun, Mexico being interviewed about Donor Egg IVF in Mexico. While it…

Gathering Support For A Newborn As A Single Mom

By | January 10, 2018

It’s the moment you’ve been anticipating–the day you get to bring your baby home.  All your the time spent trying to get pregnant or adopt and become a mom is finally approaching–but you’re terrified about being at home as a single mom to a newborn. For any mom, coming home from the hospital can be…

Choosing A Sperm Bank? Overview of Sperm Bank Policies

By | December 4, 2017

When I was choosing my sperm donor, I naively assumed that the sperm bank policies would be roughly the same across all banks. I got a few recommendations about what sperm banks other people had used and chose the one that had the most useful information about the specific donors. I did not, however, spend…

Scattered Seeds: In Search of Family and Identity in the Sperm Donor Generation

By | September 28, 2017

Your heart might stop a few times–then be warmed by the sweet connections.  One things for sure, you will be fascinated and better educated after reading Scattered Seeds: In Search of Family and Identity in the Sperm Donor Generation. Author, Jacqueline Mroz has done a wonderful job highlighting the issues with the lack of regulation…

Do I Wish I Had Frozen My Eggs?

By | July 31, 2017

I feel at the same time, very cynical about companies paying their employees money to freeze their eggs so they can put off starting a family and thrilled that this technology is available to provide more opportunities for women. I was one of those women who after putting my career first, just couldn’t seem to…

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Choosing a sperm donor is a big decision, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.
This free workbook will guide you step-by-step through the process of choosing the right donor for you.