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Triers Tribe Support Groups are an intimate group of women at the same stage of the journey joined together for ongoing support, resources, and community. Feel heard, gather resources and perspectives. 

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Do Any Of These Sound Familiar? 

​Are you panicking because your biological clock is ticking but you haven't found the right partner yet? 

​Are you wondering whether to give up on dating for a while ​to become a mother on your own? ​ 

​Is the idea of using a sperm donor freaking you out?

Are looking for support and guidance as you research options and work through your concerns about becoming a single mom?

Are you feeling alone and overwhelmed as you try to get pregnant or undergo fertility treatments? 

Are you worried about boring your friends with updates about trying to get pregnant?

Are you looking for a thoughtful, supportive group of women who get it to develop long-terms bonds for years to come? 

Are you struggling  to find people who want to dive into the minutia of these decisions. It's hard to find people you trust who can help without doubting your plan or imposing their fears on you.  

Do you flip between conviction and an endless stream of doubts and concerns? One moment you might feel clear and steadfast in your decision and the next moment you might find yourself ruminating and spinning with indecision, doubts and fears.


Have you decided to take the leap, but you're overwhelmed by an endless number of decisions to be made? Each one feels incredibly significant--like choosing a sperm donor, deciding what treatment to pursue, and when to start.

Sarah Kowalski is a single mother by choice via sperm donation and egg donation

Becoming a single mom by choice is a great option for many women.  But it's not a choice women make without thinking through all the options, concerns and fears. Many women find it takes them quite some time to pull the trigger and become a mother by themselves. And once they do make the choice, they are faced with seemingly endless decisions alone. And worse yet, the constant up and downs of trying to get pregnant.

Most women find themselves asking:

  • check
    Can I afford it?
  • check
    ​Will my child be ok without a father?
  • check
    What will family and friends think?
  • check
    ​What will happen to my dating life?
  • check
    ​Will I ever find a partner if I have a baby first?
  • check
    ​Should I continue trying to date or start trying to get pregnant?
  • check
    ​Can I handle parenting alone?
  • check
    ​How will I get pregnant?
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    How can I handle the constant ups and downs of the two-week wait?
    How can I navigate all this alone?  
sarah kowalski, fertility doula

Sarah Kowalski


Hi, I'm Sarah Kowalski, a single mom by choice, and attorney turned life coach. When I was trying to decide whether to become a single mom, I struggled alone -- doing all the research, processing all my concerns and handling all the ups and downs alone.  Then when I started trying to conceive I had continual ups and downs, constant decisions and often found it hard to find someone who understood that I could talk to.

Looking back, if I'd had someone who had walked this path before me and understood the decisions I faced and the emotional wrangling that comes with reimagining motherhood, I would have saved myself so much time and heartache.


I invite you to join me

 By joining a Tribe Support Group you'll get my expertise as a life coach, fertility doula, childbirth educator, and postpartum doula. 

But you also get the collective expertise and wisdom of an intimate group of women who are facing the same concerns who can empower, teach and support each other. 

​Get everything you need to confidently make the right choice ​and ​feel suppo​rted as you begin ​your journey.

confidently decide

​Stop ​Ruminating and ​Confidently Decide 

​Stabilize in your deepest knowing and intuition so you can make a plan and move forward with confidence. Shift your mind and body to create lasting change.

self reflection

​Face Your Fears and Doubts

Process your concerns and doubts rather than avoiding them. Get new insights and perspectives that can help you resolve your concerns and move forward.

network of support

Develop A Powerful Support Network

​Journey together with a group of women facing the same issues. Share resources as well as updates along the way. Many women report that the friendships they made during this process stick with them for years to come.

rewrite narrative about motherhood

​Rewrite Your Narrative About Motherhood

​Recognize the messages ​about motherhood you were given and rewrite your own narrative to match your current circumstances

decide quickly

​Shortcut The Decision Process

​Move through your doubts and concerns with pointed reflection, discussion with others and support. Share resources. Plus, tons of the research is done for you saving you time and energy.

group support

Don't feel alone and isolated

Worried you could inundate your friends and family with the multitude of decisions you need to make that feel life altering?  Build a community of women who get it and want to hear all your questions and concerns. 

​Together WeWill

  • Create a powerful network of women who understand what you are going through with whom you can ask questions, share resources and cheer each other on. 

  • Learn from the collective wisdom of the group.

  • Develop a sounding board to run ideas past, help you understand information from doctors, and listen when you need it most. 

  • Explore your concerns, limiting beliefs, and assumptions so you can put them aside and follow your heartfelt desires. 

  • Think outside the box for ways to make single motherhood feel doable and even easy.

  • Process emotional concerns about not having a partner so that you can move forward feeling confident and empowered.  

  • Rewrite your narrative around motherhood and partnership so you can put down the fairytale and embrace new options with an open heart and excitement for what's possible.

  • Make a plan for how to get pregnant so that you're not swimming in overwhelm about the process.

  • ​Understand logistics ​such as sperm donor selection, fertility tests, insemination methods so you save time and reduce anxiety.

Signature Support Groups

Deep dive into specific topics with an intimate group of like-minded women.  


For a Limited Time

Regularly $99/month

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Egg Donor Support

Solo Pregnancy

  • Intimate small group 
  • Weekly group calls 
  • Content Vault
  • Group Support 
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What You Get


single woman thinking

Content vault

Simply put, this is the research done for you.  I've taken all my knowledge and condensed it into the content vault. This includes everything from how to pick a sperm donor, how to talk to your future kids, how to tell family and friends, how to talk to a reproductive endocrinologist as well as an overview of insemination methods, fertility tests, sperm bank policies, fertility enhancements and more.  The content vault covers every stage of the journey from Thinking to Mothering so that you can decide what feels relevant now. Shortcut the necessary research, answer nagging questions and give yourself the tools to have informed conversations with doctors, providers, friends, and your future child. 

The vault also covers how to emotionally prepare and make the decision to become a single mom such has how to let go of self-blame, how to gather support from family and friends, how to stop ruminating about finances so you can make a smart choice and move on. Packed with exercises for self reflection and action taking. 

support group calls


​Support Group Calls

Every week, we'll meet on Zoom to check in with each other and dive into a particular subject of interest to the group. I'll always be supporting you to develop and clarity and say no to the voice of doubt and anxiety.  You'll develop a special bond with other women at the exact same stage of the journey as you. Other women have reported that hearing where others are at in the process greatly helps them understand what's coming and how to prepare for the future, as well as providing an invaluable support network with wisdom from everyone.  

Time of calls determined with launch of new group. 

single woman online support

Private Online Community

Connect with everyone in the group anytime day or night. Continue the conversation, share resources, updates and support. Create lasting friendships. There's no reason to feel alone on this journey--we're here for you. 

By joining a support group, you'll get a dedicated discussion group for your small group in addition to access to the main discussion board. 

mind body exercises

​Somatic Exercises

​​By quieting the noise of the body, the mind can become clear and you are more capable of listening to your own wisdom and intuition. Throughout, I will be teaching you lots of techniques to help quiet your mind and lessen your anxiety that draw upon my own background in Feldenkrais and Qigong, but also incorporate whatever practices you know and love. 

What Others Say


"Sarah stands as a woman of grace and true warriorship.  She has walked the path and offers wise, kind service to other women just venturing or needing a hand on their way. Her intelligence matches her compassion, a mixture of grace and clarity that can midwife women to their true calling!"


Sarah is a fantastic resource! I've been considering having a child on my own, as a single mom, for some time now, and Sarah is offering a much-needed service to help guide women through this process. There are so many choices involved in this journey, from the medical options, to how to set your life up to care for a child, to the emotional issues.  Sarah is a treasure trove of information.


​It's really wonderful to have a knowledgeable, kind, supportive person like Sarah, with personal experience going through this process, as a coach and guide.


Tribe Signature is accepting new members. Start the new year right with a special discount of $67/month.  

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Signature Support Groups

Deep dive into specific topics with an intimate group of like-minded women.  


For a Limited Time

Regularly $99/month

Choose Your Support Group

  • Thinkers/Triers
  • Egg Donor Support
  • Solo Pregnancy
  • New Mom 
  • Intimate small group 
  • Weekly group calls 
  • Content Vault
  • Group Support 
  • Private Online Forum with Classmates
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Why is this a monthly membership? How long should I stay in the group?

What is the Tribe Lite Membership and why is that bundled into my Signature TRIBE Membership? 

​Why should I pay for a group when there are free groups?

What if I'm already certain that I want to be a single mom, will I get value out of the course?

​How soon will I have access to the materials?

​When will the live calls be scheduled? 


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