000: Welcome to the Motherhood Reimagined Podcast

Welcome the first episode of the Motherhood Reimagined podcast! I am your host Sarah Kowalski. I am an author, life coach, fertility doula, a certified Feldenkrais method practitioner, and Qigong instructor.

I really want you, my listeners, to hear how many amazing, creative, and unconventional paths there are to motherhood. Click To Tweet

I started this podcast as a way to unite women who are considering alternative paths to motherhood. I chose the “single mother by choice” path for myself and it has been one of my best decisions.

When I look back at the entire, very painful journey I realize that I ended up with exactly the kid I was meant to have and that my journey was exactly what it was supposed to be for me. Click To Tweet

Many women have personal bias and fears that keep them from being a mother. I want to help these women. I want to celebrate motherhood in all its forms. During this episode, I tell you my story.  How I came to this unconventional path and how I hope to inspire and encourage my listeners to follow their hearts.

Some highlights of today’s conversation:

  • What the term “single mother by choice” means.
  • My early ideas of motherhood and family.
  • My journey to self-growth.
  • My alternative path to motherhood.
  • The mothers who are featured on my podcast.
  • How my guests chose their sperm and egg donors and other standard questions I will ask on my show.
I know a lot of people dislike the term 'single mother by choice,' because really, in reality, it didn't feel like a choice. Click To Tweet


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