What is a single mom by choice

What is a Single Mom by Choice?

What is a Single Mom by Choice? The term “single mom by choice” or “SMBC”  often conjures up images of a woman who has it all figured out, confidently choosing motherhood on her own terms. And while that narrative certainly holds true for some, it doesn’t encompass the complex emotions and journeys that many of…

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will I be single forever if I have a baby alone

Will I Be Single Forever If I Have A Baby Alone?

Will I be single forever if I have a baby alone? It’s a question I get asked by numerous women. It’s a fear that often grips many of us contemplating this journey, looming larger than life, turning itself into an almost omnipresent shadow. I remember back when I was navigating the tangled pathway toward becoming…

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Older Mom

9 Reasons it’s Great to be an Older Mom

Biologically speaking, the younger you are when you have a baby, the better. But what about after you’ve had the baby? In this post, I’ll share 8 reasons being an older mom is great according to the wonderful women I’ve interviewed on my podcast. 1. Your support network is likely to be stronger The older…

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