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Motherhood Reimagined

The SMC Community 

Badass women supporting each other in their

Single Mom by Choice (SMC) journey.

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Are you overwhelmed by choices? 


Do you wish you had a non-judgemental sounding board to help you with all the decisions as well as the emotional ups and downs? 


Do you struggle to find people who really understand what you are going through? 


​Are you feeling time pressure to make a choice?


The Motherhood Reimagined SMC Community brings together single mothers by choice and those just embarking on their journey so that they can connect, learn and grow together as we bravely forge unconventional paths to motherhood. 


It's a safe space where we can:

Share our vulnerabilities,

Learn from our peers, and

Get guidance around the journey of single motherhood 

smbc community

Find your community

 Stop explaining yourself and feel heard

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Save time, energy and money

Quickly get your questions answered by guest experts and other women


Direct access to experts

Get your burning questions answered by experts

path to becoming a single parent
smbc community
become a grounded mother

Reimagine Motherhood

Be a part of shaping the future of unconventional paths to motherhood

Feel empowered

Surround yourself with other badass women so you feel confident about becoming a mother outside of partnership.

Grow into confident, grounded parents

Be surrounded by people who've get it and have your back

Founders Rate: $9.97/month 

Reg. $19.97

What Makes Our Community Special?

Motherhood Reimagined provides a safe space to share and learn from each other where your peers provide thoughtful advice and share their vulnerabilities to inspire and guide our journeys. 


Together we can show the world that becoming a mother outside of partnership isn't shameful or always a back up plan, but an awesome empowered path to becoming the mom you're yearning to be. 


We’re here to provide support and guidance so you can be the confident, badass, grounded mother you knew you were always meant to be.


Imagine feeling supported and seen throughout all aspects of your journey--not having to explain yourself and feel frustrated about your friends that genuinely want to help, but just don't really get it (and always manage to say the wrong thing). 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of a group of women who've been there, who can help you process the roller coaster of emotions, listen beyond your confusion and help you make your life simpler and more full of joy no matter what stage of the SMC journey you are in?










Where inspiration meets practical guidance

There's no doubt, we are an awesome group of women who haven't let convention get in our way. Together we can do great things. I'll be here to guide us along the way to keep the conversations productive and kind.

  • Creating community has always been my passion. It's what I naturally do.


  • I've curated all the best experts and resources so you don't have to. 


  • I combine my training as a life coach, child birth educator, fertility doula and lawyer to inspire and guide intelligent, thoughtful conversations.

Inside The Community, You’ll

  • Get direct access to professionals and experts to get your burning questions answered


  • Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.


  • Find women like you so you can stop explaining yourself, feel heard 


  • Crowdsource advice and resources from women who have gone before you


  • Get answers to all of the burning questions you have, from thinking, to conceiving, and becoming a mom


  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about Single Motherhood by Choice.


  • Receive support and encouragement from other members who share your same goal of becoming a Single Mom by Choice.


  • Share experiences, inspiration, and tips that help you become a successful Single Mom by Choice.

How It Works

  1. Choose your membership level.

Basic and Premium membership levels available.


2. Join the community forum

Jump in and start connecting with others locally and around the world.


3. Make meaningful, lasting connections.

Whether you're just beginning your journey or already raising kids, you'll find connection, help others with your wisdom and make meaningful, lasting connections. 



What people are saying

“Before joining, I wasn't ready to give up on partnership and I was worried about acceptance from family. Through the group I felt the empowerment that can come from this decision instead of it feeling like a consolation prize. And, I am moving forward with fertilizing some of my frozen eggs to try to make embryos. I thought I would do this eventually but I am ready to move forward with this."

“After feeling stuck for a year, Sarah helped me  manage my emotions, uncertainty and doubt and expertly guided me to a strong place where I finally felt ready to take the next steps to becoming an SMC.”

"You should definitely join! Meeting other women in the same situation was so incredibly helpful. It was an incredible safe space to be vulnerable and learn from other women in the same position.”










The SMC Community

Monthly or Annual Subscriptions

Founder's rate $9.97/month

or $97 per year
  • OR $97/year
  • Community Forum
  • Monthly Ask Me Anything Calls
  • Monthly Live Guest Expert Interviews
  • Monthly Live SMC Panel Interviews
  • Access to All My Courses

Past and Future Guest Experts

Beth Rivelli, Motherhood Story Coach

Beth Rivelli, Motherhood Story Coach

Getting In Touch With Your Desire To Be A Single Mom or Deciding Not To

Besty freeman certified nurse midwife

Betsy Freeman, Certified Nurse Midwife

Getting Started As A Single Mom By Choice and Busting Myths About Older Pregnancies

Toni Jacalone, single mom by choice

Toni Jacalone, Registered Dietician

Boosting Fertility With Personalized Lifestyle Changes 


Debra Jacobs, can I afford to be a single mom by choice

Debra Jacobs, Financial Coach for Single Moms by Choice

Can I Afford To Be A Single Mom By Choice?

Vanessa Callaghan, parenting coach

Vanessa Callaghan, Parenting Coach

4 Parenting Styles and How To Set Yourself Up To Be A Confident Mother

Kathleen Hunt, estate planning for single moms

Kathleen Hunt Esq, Trusts and Estates Attorney

Estate Planning for Single Moms By Choice

sali odendaal

Sali Odendall

Talking About Donor Conception

Why You Should Join?

How would it feel to hear panels of SMC’s answer questions on hot topics such as donor siblings, dating, having more than one child, embryo donation, juggling career and parenting and more? It’s so powerful to get more that one perspective on these topics and be able to ask them questions directly. 


And, most importantly, imagine having clarity about your choices: Not only dropping the doubt, but feeling empowered and clear on every step of the journey. 


But maybe you’re wondering if the Motherhood Reimagined SMC Community is right for you?


It's right for you if: 

  • You're yearning for more community and connection
  • You're at any stage of the SMC journey
  • You want to both contribute and learn from others
  • You want to connect with other women in your local area or in the same stage of the journey as you.
  • You love my podcast but would love to be able to ask my guest questions during a live interview.



It's not right for you if: 

  • You don't want to connect with women at any stage of the single mom by choice journey
  • You want to remain isolated throughout your journey
  • You don't believe in the power of community


Frequently Asked Questions

sarah kowalski, fertility doula, single mom by choice life coach


Single Mother by Choice, Life Coach, author and founder of Motherhood Reimagined.™

I’m Sarah Kowalski, Single Mom by Choice, Fertility Doula, Life Coach and author. I coach women who are struggling to conceive a child when it's not taking shape as planned -- either because of the lack of a partner or fertility issues.

My own arduous path to motherhood, inspired me to combine my expertise as a life coach, lawyer and patient's rights advocate with my passion for teaching mind body practices such as Feldenkrais and Qigong. Through this unique blend of training and experience, I help women quiet the voice of doubt and redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood.

Read More>>

You deserve to feel clear, confident and supported as you navigate your single mom by choice journey.

Don’t let indecision and overwhelm prevent you from becoming the badass mama you’re meant to be. 

4 Keys To Thriving Financially As A Single Mom By Choice

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Debra Jacobs, a fellow single mom by choice and a financial coach. The question I get asked more than most is “how do I know if I can afford to be a single mom by choice? So, that’s exactly what Debra and I talked about. There’s no magic…

12 Reasons Dating as a Single Mom is Better

Before I had my son, I worried a lot about dating as a single mom by choice. Would I ever have time to go out and meet new people? Would my single-mom status be a total turnoff to men? What man in his right mind would date someone with so much baggage? These are all…

6 Archetypes for Choosing a Sperm Donor

Women ask me all the time, “How should I pick a sperm donor (or egg donor)?” For many it can be one of the most daunting parts of becoming a single mom by choice. After all, picking a donor to provide half of the genes of your child is very significant. Many women contemplate a…

Even Single Moms By Choice Deserve Support -Cultivating Support

Single moms by choice deserve support just like any other person.  That’s why I couldn’t believe it when someone close to me told me, “You can’t expect support because you decided to have a kid on your own.” And, they made clear, that meant I shouldn’t ask or expect emotional, financial, or logistical support. In…

How These Single Moms Coped with Postpartum Depression

For single moms, coping with postpartum depression can be especially difficult because they don’t have a partner who can share the load of looking after a newborn or spot the signs of depression when it starts to appear. Depending on their support network, they might also lack emotional support. “One of the things that didn’t…

Do I Wish I Had Frozen My Eggs?

I feel at the same time, very cynical about companies paying their employees money to freeze their eggs so they can put off starting a family and thrilled that this technology is available to provide more opportunities for women. I was one of those women who after putting my career first, just couldn’t seem to…

Single Mama Bear Takes on Father’s Day

Recently, I’ve been noticing that my 5-year-old son is going through a new phase in his processing that we are a mom-and-kid family—there is no dad in the picture since I used a sperm donor (often referred to as a single mom by choice). I know he’s processing because I’ve been getting reports from school…

Break the Decision-Making Spiral

Decision-making is stressful—from the small, seemingly insignificant decisions to the big ones, such as do I want to have a baby alone, or am I ready to use an egg donor or adopt? As a Single Mom, when your child comes along, you are forced to make all parenting decisions alone, such as who to…

Teaching Love Through Imitation

When I proactively chose to become a Solo Mom, I knew parenting would become my spiritual practice. We know that children learn more from imitation than from what we actually tell them.

How These 10 SMC’s Talk to Their Children About Being Donor-Conceived

How These 10 SMC’s Talk to Their Children About Being Donor-Conceived  If you’re contemplating becoming a single my by choice (SMC), it’s normal to worry about what it will be like to explain their are donor-conceived using a sperm donor and in some cases an egg donor as well. The latest research suggests that being…

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