024: Sige 2: Grateful to Be a Parent Despite a Rocky First Year of Motherhood

Welcome to the last episode of season one of Motherhood Reimagined. To mark the end of this season I have invited a return guest to the show. Sige was my guest for the second episode of the first season. During that interview, Sige was pregnant with her son and told us she would come back to tell us how she felt about the single-mother-by-choice path.

I am really glad to be a parent. When I think about if I made a different choice and not go through with this and I was not potentially still single and not a parent, I would be missing out on this whole new world.- Sige Click To Tweet

It has been thirteen months since our last conversation and she is very honest and raw about the first year with her child. She shares her struggle with me and reflects on how her feelings have changed since our first episode together. Sige has an unusual living arrangement that she recommends to other single parents. We also discuss dating and how parenthood changes your expectations of a partner.

I was really glad to have Sige back on the show and I feel her point-of-view is important for anyone curious about the single-mother-by-choice option.

I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to be struggling because I chose to do this by myself, it's hard to know what is actually happening and what is just a projection -Sige Click To Tweet

Some highlights of today’s conversation:

  • Welcome back Sige to the show.
  • The arch Sige experienced during her son’s first year.
  • The struggle with resentment and sleep deprivation.
  • Sige’s emotional roller coaster over the last year.
  • How she has dealt with going back to work.
  • Sige’s support system and feelings of isolation.
  • Why mindset is the most important part of parenthood.
  • The unique co-living arrangement Sige has and why it is great.
  • The qualities she is looking for in a partner now.
  • Sige’s opinion on single parenthood.
  • A revisit of our first conversation and Sige’s answers now.
  • The “secret club of parenthood.”
  • The single mom stigma and how Sige copes with it.
  • Sige’s advice to women considering the single mother path.
I noticed that because I was so exhausted that my confidence and mental health was really compromised and things that I thought would be really intuitive about parenting actually just weren't.-Sige Click To Tweet


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