023: Katerina: Making Single Motherhood an Empowered Choice at Age 23

My guest today is slightly different than the others. Katerina decided to be a single-mother-by-choice at the age of 23. Katerina tells me why the single-mother path was her first option and why she found it empowering.

Katerina conceived her son via a sperm donor. She tells me about the donor selection process and the things she had to consider to make her plans reality. We discuss her support system and the early years with her son. Including the loneliness that comes with motherhood.

I feel like your kids have to choose them (partners) as well. Because they're not just dating you, they are coming into an already set family.- Katerina Click To Tweet

She is now married with a second child and living in Mexico with her family. We explore how she and her family wound up in Mexico and how it has changed their lives for the better. Katerina is also very candid about the adjustment of going from single parenting to a partnered relationship. She shares what it was like to date with a child and how it gave her a more grounded experience during the process.

Katherina also runs a company called the Non-Toxic Unicorn. She tells me about her passion to help others make healthier choices for themselves and their families. So if you are looking for natural alternatives in your daily life, check out the Non-Toxic Unicorn.

Today’s episode is a wonderful reminder that single motherhood is a legitimate path.  It was so nice to hear that this path to motherhood is so much more than a “last resort.”

I think knowing what you don't want in a relationship and knowing what you don't want for your life is really essential to figuring out what you do want and the person you want to be.- Katerina Click To Tweet

Some highlights of today’s conversation:

  • Katerina’s early expectations of motherhood.
  • Why she made the decision to be a single mother so young.
  • How she chose her sperm donor and the qualities she wanted.
  • Her family’s reaction to her decision and how they supported her.
  • Katerina’s unique work arrangement and coping with leaving her infant at home.
  • How Katerina “grew up with her son.”
  • Why motherhood can be so lonely.
  • Katerina’s “journey box” and her plans for the donor conversation.
  • How Katerina met her husband and added to their family.
  • The adjustment of solo-parenting to co-parenting.
  • Why Katerina and her family now live in Mexico.
  • The benefits of raising children in Mexico.
  • Motherhood is surrendering, not sacrifice.
  • How insurance can be an option for someone considering the single-mother-by-choice path.
  • The Non-Toxic Unicorn
  • Katerina’s final thoughts.
Whether you choose an alternative method or in a marriage, or it's a one-night-stand, no matter how you go about being a mom there is always an 'oh, my god! I'm going to be a mom!' moment.- Katerina Click To Tweet


The Non-Toxic Unicorn

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