002: Abby: Having Two Kids and The Gift of Embryo Donation - Single Moms by Choice, Infertility and Egg Donors

002: Abby: Having Two Kids and The Gift of Embryo Donation

Abby is a twice single mother by choice. She shares her story about choosing the sperm donor path and why she chose to give the gift of an embryo to another hopeful mother.

I think it's really important to know yourself and know what you have to give... each woman has to know for herself what's going to be the best thing for her family as a whole. - Abby Click To Tweet

Abby compares her two pregnancies and discusses the trouble of having two children along with the joy of it. She offers advice to other mothers considering having a second child and tells a really touching story about embryo donation and what it has meant to her family.

People are happy about babies and children and they don't think it's weird and there is so many SMCs now in the world, it feels huge and dramatic and strange to us, but I think the rest of the world is happy for us. - Abby Click To Tweet

Some highlights of today’s conversation:

  • Abby’s expectations for her family life.
  • The events that lead to Abby’s decision to use a sperm donor.
  • The lab issues and the rushed decision about her sperm donor at the last minute.
  • Abby’s second pregnancy and how it differed from the first.
  • Why Abby prefers single motherhood and doesn’t regret it.
  • What Abby likes about motherhood and what she doesn’t.
  • Why Abby decided to be an embryo donor.
  • The process of donating the embryo and the impact on her family.
It feels to me it's always a crap shoot. You get what you get. Your child is going to be perfect and who you were meant to have regardless of the donor. - Abby Click To Tweet


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