is it common to feel loneliness as a single mom by choice

Coping with Loneliness as a Single Mom by Choice: Your Guide to Connection and Emotional Well-Being

Coping with Loneliness as a Single Mom by Choice: Your Guide to Connection and Emotional Well-Being

Becoming a single mom by choice is a compelling path, rich in love, joy, and an indescribable bond with your child but many women feel loneliness as a single mom by choice. On the one hand, it’s an experience that can yield unparalleled happiness, yet it also harbors an often unspoken layer of loneliness. This form of solitude can be nuanced and complicated, contrasting sharply with the joys of motherhood.

Understanding the Paradox: The Joyful Yet Lonely Journey of Single Moms by Choice

1. Missing the Small Moments:

Your child’s first giggle, that miraculous first roll-over—these are monumental yet fleeting instances you may wish to share. But trying to share these moments can sometimes feel akin to shouting into a void. Friends might not entirely grasp the emotional weight these milestones carry, leading to increased feelings of loneliness. According to a study by Harvard University, loneliness can negatively impact physical health, making it even more critical to address.

2. Adult Conversations: A Rare Commodity:

Amid the all-consuming experience of motherhood, the absence of adult interaction begins to show. Whether it’s the banter with colleagues or discussions that don’t involve feeding schedules, this absence can exacerbate feelings of isolation. According to Kate Adlington a professor from University College London (UCL), “Having a baby is a period of huge transition and upheaval that can involve losing touch with people and existing networks, such as work colleagues. This research suggests that loneliness is a major risk for mental health problems during pregnancy and for new mothers.”

3. The Weight of Solo Responsibilities:

The sheer magnitude of being the lone nurturer and provider can usher in a unique form of loneliness. While friends and family might offer support, it differs substantially from the support a co-parent could provide. And yes, let’s not forget that the dream of partnership might be better than the reality, but the ‘what-ifs’ are natural.

4. A Glimpse of Your Former Self:

  It’s normal to occasionally miss the freedom and spontaneity of life before motherhood. This longing does not mean regret but can contribute to feelings of isolation as your current life is so different from those without children. It’s easy to feel like some foreign version of yourself with very little spontaneity or adventure.

5. The Reality Gap:

The gap between expectations and real experiences can widen, making you feel further isolated from others and even from your previous self.

6. Challenges in Finding Your Support Team:

Navigating social scenes that cater mainly to couples and traditional family units can also contribute to loneliness as a single mom by choice. Weekends often turn into family enclaves, where single moms may feel pushed to the sidelines.

Strategies to Counter Loneliness as a Single Mom by Choice

Build Your Village:

Look for groups or communities that cater to single moms or parents. Consider joining my Community for Single Moms by Choice. Each month we have online meetups, and discussion groups and if you want I can pair you with a buddy and support you in connecting regularly.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish:

Find moments for yourself. Whether it’s enjoying a book, meeting a friend for coffee, or indulging in a hobby, taking time for yourself is essential.

Seek Professional Guidance:

Persistent feelings of loneliness may require professional help. Therapists specializing in single parenthood can offer targeted advice and coping strategies. Organizations like Postpartum Support International can help connect you to appropriate resources.

Cherish Your Unique Connection:

The bond you have with your child is one-of-a-kind and worth cherishing, even during the toughest times.

Journal Your Experience:

Documenting your journey can be therapeutic. Keep an eye out for my upcoming memory journal designed specifically for single moms.

You’re Not Alone Even When You Feel Lonely As A Solo Mom

Loneliness as a single mom by choice isn’t a failure or shortcoming. It’s a multi-layered emotional experience that accompanies this beautiful but complex life chapter.

Addressing the loneliness that often accompanies single motherhood doesn’t diminish the joy and love that also come with the experience. Rather, it offers a chance for self-reflection, growth, and even a more profound connection with yourself and your child.

Have you felt this intricate tapestry of loneliness and joy? How did you manage? Your experiences could be invaluable for others walking the same path, so please share your thoughts.

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