Struggling To Get Pregnant?

Wondering what's next? Egg donation, adoption, remaining child-free? Mourning the loss of a genetic link? I've curated relevant content and programs here.

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alternative treatments such as Qigong, meditation, acupuncture to improve fertility

Natural Approaches to Improve Fertility

Balancing complementary and alternative medicine with Western Medicine When I decided to get pregnant as a Solo Mom, I was told by my reproductive endocrinologist that my chances of conception with my own eggs were infinitesimally small. Yet I believed that if anyone could beat the odds, it would be me. I was a firm…

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when to use an egg donor, egg donation or donor eggs instead of pursuing fertility treatments

Donor Egg Balancing Act: When To Pursue Fertility Treatments Or Move To Egg Donation

“You are infertile. To get pregnant, you will most likely need to use an egg donor.” These were the words my Reproductive Endocrinologist uttered before I had even started trying to get pregnant as a single mother by choice with the use of a sperm donor, at the ‘advanced maternal age’ of 41. “I cannot…

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what is a fertility doula?

6 Reasons You Didn’t Even Realize That You Need A ‘Fertility Doula’

Singles and couples struggling with infertility need support too. If you’ve ever tried to get pregnant when anything other than good old fashioned sex is involved, you know it can be confusing and taxing. A fertility doula can help. Both singles and couples who need to use artificial insemination, IVF, or a sperm donor, egg…

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infertility made me stronger, better mother

Infertility Made Me Stronger

Infertility made me stronger–it’s true.  When I first learned I was infertile I would have never guessed that it would fundamentally change me for the better. After several years of hemming and hawing, I had only just come to terms with having a baby solo.  I didn’t have a partner yet, so it was time…

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single infertile donor eggs

Single, 42 and Infertile But I Still Gave Birth To My Baby

As a child, I was obsessed with babies. If anyone asked me if I wanted kids when I grew up, I would exuberantly respond that I wanted eleven babies (I know, right? Eleven??). I distinctly remember stalking a pregnant mother in my neighborhood, asking if I could care for her child once it was born.…

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egg donor, donor egg, sperm donor, single mother by choice

My Infertility Story — How I Got The Baby I Was Meant To Have

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week. Here’s my infertility story and how I became a mother via egg donation.  #NIAW #ListenUp Throughout my life I was led to believe it was no big deal to conceive a baby in my forties. Back then, when people asked me (as they so often do ask women in their…

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When Getting Pregnant Isnt' Working

PRIVATE COACHING AND SUPPORT --4 Sessions and 60 days email support

  • Emotional support and guidance as you address your emotional landscape
  • Mind/body tools to help you through the big emotions
  • Information: an overview of options
  • Research assistant: I’ve researched most of the topics and can jumpstart your information gathering, but when I can’t I’ll jump in with you to find the information you need.
  • Sounding board to process the options. Sick of trying to process your options and emotions with friends, partner or family. Does it feel like no one really gets it? I’m here to listen, inform, play devil’s advocate and mirror back what I hear.  I’ve been through it and dove deep into both the research and the grief so I can guide you through it.

Contact me for a free 30 minute call to discuss how we can tailor a program that's right for you.

Egg Donor Support Group (Online)


  • Understand your emotional hooks: what does giving up on a genetic connection mean to you? How can you release that to move forward?
  • When to give up on using my own eggs and when to move on.
  • Options for egg donation: fresh or frozen eggs, vs embryo adoption etc
  • Options for adoption and fostering

What's Next?

Trying to get pregnant but it’s not working? Is it time to reevaluate your next steps and contemplate egg donation or adoption?

The options and logistics can be mind boggling. I've been through infertility myself and can help you make the best decisions and resolve lingering hesitations so you can welcome your baby with an open heart.

Together we can tailor the program that's right for you. Contact me using the link below to set up a call to discuss.

book for home page


Motherhood Reimagined reveals what happens when we release what's expected and embrace what's possible.

This honest and informative memoir examines the issues facing both single moms by choice and any woman facing fertility issues and third party reproduction.

Motherhood Reimagined answers many questions such as: Why would someone decide to have a baby alone? How does one come to terms with not having a genetic link to her child? How can infertility be a means for personal growth and spiritual awakening?

Read More>>

Demystify Sperm Banks


Learn about Open ID policies, pricing, genetic testing, what information is available for each donor & more. Save yourself hours of time and heartache and get the guide now.

Get The Ultimate Guide to Sperm Banks

Understand Sperm Bank Policies, Compare Banks, Save Time and Effort

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Motherhood Reimagined


Travel with me to the moments when I decided to take the leap to becoming a single mother via sperm donation and the moment I opened to the possibility of egg donation.

Get 2 Free Chapters

Read 2 FREE chapters of my Memoir

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Starting The Donor Conversation


 Don't let the donor origins conversation freak you out. Get these simple tips about how best to explain donor origins with kids. Plus comprehensive reading list for every kind of family. A guide you can use over and over with family, schools, and your child.

Guide to Discussing Alternative Family Structures

Find out how to talk to your child about non-traditional families, so they understand and accept their alternative family structure, plus reading list for every type of family.

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