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One On One Coaching And Mentoring for Single Moms by Choice and Moms To Be

Coaching and mentoring for every stage of the single mom by choice (SMC) journey.

ARE YOU......

  • Are you overwhelmed by choices? 


  • Do you wish you had a non-judgemental sounding board to help you with all the decisions as well as the emotional ups and downs? 


  • Do you struggle to find people who really understand what you are going through? 


  • Are you feeling time pressure to make a choice?

It's time to finally get the guidance and help you deserve

A lot of women struggle with making the choice whether to become a single mom by choice--they are stuck in an endless spiral of indecision. 

I empower you to hear your inner voice of wisdom while also gaining the knowledge and mindset necessary to move forward confidently, so  that you can cultivate clarity, insight and courage even when life isn’t unfolding as planned. 

smc community forum
get clarity about becoming a single mother by choice
take action toward becoming an smc

Get Support

Feel safe and seen

Get Clarity

Stop the indecision and feel grounded

Move Into Action

Save time and energy











✓ Imagine feeling supported and seen throughout all aspects of your journey--not having to explain yourself and feel frustrated about your friends that genuinely want to help, but just don't really get it.

✓ Imagine having a guide who's been there, who can help you process the roller coaster of emotions, listen beyond your confusion and help you uncover your desires. 

✓ Imagine, someone who can help you shortcut all the research, give input about next steps and what questions to ask next so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

✓ And, most importantly, imagine having clarity about your choices--not only dropping the doubt, but feeling empowered and clear about your path.

You can have all this through coaching

My coaching programs are an invitation to...


Feel Safe

It's hard to find friends who really get it. They want to support you, but often times do not know how.


I provide a non-judgmental, open space to explore your emotions, options, and the ups and downs of this journey. I'm always there as a sounding board. I support your exploration of any uncoventional path

save time on your single mom by choice journey

Save Time

I help keep you moving forward on your journey--processing your emotions and taking baby steps towards your goal.

It's easy to get bogged down, spend weeks or even months paralyzed by emotions or the logistics. Often times, time is of the essence. Too many times, women tell me they've stalled numerous times and now are up against the clock to make crucial decisions.

smc community forum
Feel Confident & Empowered

There's nothing worse than remaining in doubt, questioning your path, or feeling overwhelmed by your situation.

With my support, you can address your concerns rather than letting them either lay dormant in your mind, or take over your thoughts.

By working through them, you can move forward with confidence that you are making an empowered choice.

support as an smbc

Be Supported

If I'd had someone who'd walked the path before me, who could guide me and show me the way, I would have saved a lot of time and heartache. 

I'm there for you ever step of the way. I've been through it all, and can ask you relevant questions, steer you to resources and listen to you no matter what. 

I'm a certified life coach, child birth educator, postpartum doula, a former attorney and patient's rights advocate. Wherever you are at in the process, I've got you covered.


My Philosophy

I'm trained as a somatic coach, believing that we need the wisdom of our whole bodies, including our Mind, Heart and Gut to make good decisions. I'll help you see the unique wisdom each center provides while not ignoring any aspect. By doing so, you'll calm your mind and figure out what you want and need. 



First, you need to gather information--test your assumptions and fully understand your options. Together we work through the mental stuff--the pros and cons, the details so the analytical part of your mind can be satisfied. 


After you've gathered relevant information it's time to listen to your deepest desires and emotions. They may not be rational. Indeed, they may even be contradictory. But until you know what your heart yearns for and fears, you can't clear the way to know what you truly want. I guide you through this process, making you feel safe to delve into your inner world. 


Often referred to as the second brain, our gut is able to process more information than the cognitive mind. But, we often can't hear it's wisdom because it is buried underneath our anxiety. Really hearing the gut, requires us to quiet the mind and feel. By giving voice to the head and heart, you can begin to make space to hear the gut. Using guided meditations and other somatic exercises, I teach you how to calm your mind, and bring greater peace so you can feel and hear your gut. 

Where inspiration meets practical guidance

Taking the leap to solo motherhood is incredibly emotion. You want to be thoughtful and make the best possible choice but sometimes you end up just spinning in doubt. And letting go of the dream of partnership feels tragic and foreign.

  • I combine my training as a life coach, fertility doula and lawyer to help you navigate the emotional ups and downs. 


  • I know the process in and out and can help you sort through tons of information and choices.


  • I show up for my client’s like nobody’s business.  If we are working together I’ve got your back. 


  •  I help you quiet the voices of doubt and indecision that are dead set on holding you back.

How It Works

  1. Schedule a free call.

We’ll chat about where you are at in your journey and provide you some insight.


2. Choose your support.

Design a plan to help you feel supported and resourced. 


3. Move forward feeling supported and seen.

I’ll be there to help you with whatever comes your way. 




press Sarah kowalski
After feeling stuck for over a year, Sarah helped me manage my emotions, calm my uncertainties, and expertly guided me to a strong place where I finally feel ready to take the next steps to become an SMC. She is empathetic and kind in her approach and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well." Steph










How I Can Help

1.Community and Resources

Coming soon!

2. Support Groups

Intimate groups to support you at every stage of the journey



3. Individual Coaching

Full-service support, tailored to your needs.




sarah kowalski, fertility doula, single mom by choice life coach


Single Mother by Choice, Life Coach, author and founder of Motherhood Reimagined.™

I’m Sarah Kowalski, Single Mom by Choice, Fertility Doula, Life Coach and author. I coach women who are struggling to conceive a child when it's not taking shape as planned -- either because of the lack of a partner or fertility issues.

My own arduous path to motherhood, inspired me to combine my expertise as a life coach, lawyer and patient's rights advocate with my passion for teaching mind body practices such as Feldenkrais and Qigong. Through this unique blend of training and experience, I help women quiet the voice of doubt and redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood.

Read More>>

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Motherhood Reimagined reveals what happens when we release what's expected and embrace what's possible.

This honest and informative memoir examines the issues facing both single moms by choice and any woman facing fertility issues and third party reproduction.

Motherhood Reimagined answers many questions such as: Why would someone decide to have a baby alone? How does one come to terms with not having a genetic link to her child? How can infertility be a means for personal growth and spiritual awakening?

Read More>>

You deserve to feel clear, confident and supported as you navigate your single mom by choice journey.

Don’t let indecision and overwhelm prevent you from becoming the badass mama you’re meant to be. 

Download One of My Informative Guides to Get Started

Demystify Sperm Banks


Learn about Open ID policies, pricing, genetic testing, what information is available for each donor & more. Save yourself hours of time and heartache and get the guide now.

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Understand Sperm Bank Policies, Compare Banks, Save Time and Effort

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Talk to Your Child


Find out how to talk to your child about non-traditional families, so they understand and accept their alternative family structure, plus reading list for every type of family.

How To Choose A Sperm Donor

How To Pick A Sperm Donor
Is your head swimming with options? Are you second guessing your criteria?  Here is a step by step guide to help you clarify your options and pick a sperm or egg donor. 

How to Pick a Sperm Donor

Choosing a sperm donor is a big decision, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

This free workbook will guide you through the process of choosing the right sperm donor for you.

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Wondering Where To Dive In

Start With The Sections Below

Curated Content and Resources For Every Stage of Your Journey

Taking The Leap To Single Motherhood?

Is time was running out to have a baby but you're still single?

Thinking about doing it alone?

Or maybe you’ve made the choice to have a baby alone but are finding the process overwhelming?

Get curated content for this stage of your journey.

Fertility Struggles and What's Next?

Trying to get pregnant but it’s not working? Is it time to reevaluate your next steps and contemplate egg donation or adoption?

I've been through infertility myself but eventually gave birth to my son via egg donation. I know how hard the journey can be.

Go here to read about my journey and the special programs I've created for anyone contemplating egg donation, adoption or other options.

Solo Pregnancy

You're pregnant and feeling vulnerable. Wishing you had someone to connect with, or dreading birth classes with a bunch of couples.  Worrying how to discuss family origins with your child?

Start here to prepare for solo childbirth and learn about all the exciting services I'm launching this year.

Mothering Reimagined

You made it to motherhood, but that doesn't mean the journey is over. Parenting alone can be really hard and has many silver linings too.

Start here for resources and support for single mothers.

Get The Support You Deserve

Join a community of like minded women for discussions about single motherhood, fertility, egg donation, vacation IVF.

Our group is closed & private so only people in the group can see your posts.

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A Guide to Choosing a Guardian as a Single Mom by Choice

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Embracing Matrescence: Nurturing Your New Identity as a Single Mom by Choice

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Why You Most Likely Won’t Regret Becoming a Single Mom by Choice

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How to prep for postpartum if you are pregnant solo

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Biological Mother vs The Donor

Do you know someone that has a child via sperm or egg donation? Or maybe even via both sperm and egg donors? Or even a surrogate? If so, it’s likely that this is an entirely new concept for you. Maybe you are wondering how to refer to the donors or the woman raising this child? This…

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