Solo Pregnancy and Mothering

Being a single mom or mom to be can be exhausting and vulnerable. Get resources and tips for how to prepare and feel supported.

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talking to children about sperm donor

Who’s My Daddy? : Talking To Our Children About Their Donor Father

Many Solo Moms live in absolute fear of a certain question: “Who’s my daddy?” It brings strong, resolute women to tears in an instant. Maybe it’s because it seems to come out in such strange and unsettling ways. I read about a sperm-donor-conceived child who told his mom that he did not have a dad…

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100% donor baby born via egg donor

My Son is HERE! 100% Donor Baby

I gave birth to my son on April 3rd, 2014.  He is simply perfect!  I can’t imagine mothering any other baby. There is no way to explain how much he truly feels like 100% my child. But he doesn’t actually share any genetic material with me. I had to use an egg donor to conceive.  Because…

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decision-making single mother by choice

From Frazzled To Grounded : How A Lack Of Time Has Made Me Rock Solid

Someone recently asked me how motherhood has affected my creativity. Because I am publishing a memoir about my journey to solo motherhood and building a related coaching practice, motherhood is literally the fruit and source of my creativity. But the most surprising outcome of being a Solo Mom is that I’m incredibly grounded and centered,…

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donor origins conversation

How the Donor Origins Conversation Is Really Going With My Son — I Never Expected This!

When I decided to use donor sperm and egg to conceive my child, I never anticipated the way in which the donor origins conversation would played out with my son. I did my research about how to talk to my child about his donor origins. I wasn’t nervous or anxious about broaching the topic with…

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dating as single mom

How Being A Single Mom Makes You Better At Dating

Being a Single Mom can be lonely at times and make you yearn for a partner. To make matters worse dating as a Single Mom can feel like an uphill batter against an endless shortage of time, money and energy. My son is still young, and I can barely fathom dating. And, yet, I see…

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preparing for newborn single mom

Gathering Support For A Newborn As A Single Mom

It’s the moment you’ve been anticipating–the day you get to bring your baby home.  All your the time spent trying to get pregnant or adopt and become a mom is finally approaching–but you’re terrified about being at home as a single mom to a newborn. For any mom, coming home from the hospital can be…

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Donor conception, how to talk to your child about donor conception

Planning Who and What To Tell About Your Child’s Donor Conception

One of the most common concerns people bring up to me is who and how to tell other people about their child’s donor conception. It most regularly comes up for me when I’m talking to women about the use of an egg donor, but it’s relevant for anyone who’s used a sperm donor, adopted or…

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single mothers by choice happier

Why Single Moms Are Happier Than Those That Marry, According To Census Data

Negative commentary about single moms is still prevalent, but having a baby without a partner as a single mother by choice might make you the happiest according to science. Several years ago, my fortieth birthday fast approaching, I forced myself to ask whether I wanted to have a kid even though I didn’t yet have…

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Solo Pregnancy Support Group

Pregnant and solo?  Feeling a mix of vulnerability and excitement? Craving community and people to geek out on the the minutia of your experience, or other women who just get what it's like to be pregnant and solo?

Join a group of likeminded women who wish to create a caring and loving community to celebrate and plan together during this momentous rite of passage.

The group will provide a mix of time to share, listen and learn from each other's experiences, and a time to consciously work on creating a support network and planning for the big day through child birth education class highlights.

The group is run as a monthly membership, so you can join and exit as appropriate for you.

  • Weekly Video Support Group Calls
  • A  Private Online Community Forum to continue the conversation between calls
  • Relevant content and guides on a multitude of topics
  • Mini trainings and homework to help you create a support network for after the baby arrives, estate planning basics, child birth education class highlights
  • Pairing with another single mom for additional support and camaraderie if desired.


book for home page


Motherhood Reimagined reveals what happens when we release what's expected and embrace what's possible.

This honest and informative memoir examines the issues facing both single moms by choice and any woman facing fertility issues and third party reproduction.

Motherhood Reimagined answers many questions such as: Why would someone decide to have a baby alone? How does one come to terms with not having a genetic link to her child? How can infertility be a means for personal growth and spiritual awakening?

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Get Ready for the Big Day


As a single mama to be, you have a lot on your plate right now. Use this planner to get prepared for the big day. Organize and reach out to people fo help.

Planning List and Resource Guide

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Motherhood Reimagined


Travel with me to the moments when I decided to take the leap to becoming a single mother via sperm donation and the moment I opened to the possibility of egg donation.

Get 2 Free Chapters

Read 2 FREE chapters of my Memoir

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Starting The Donor Conversation


Don't let the donor origins conversation freak you out. Get these simple tips about how best to explain donor origins with kids. Plus comprehensive reading list for every kind of family. A guide you can use over and over with family, schools, and your child.

Guide to Discussing Alternative Family Structures

Find out how to talk to your child about non-traditional families, so they understand and accept their alternative family structure, plus reading list for every type of family.

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