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Motherhood Reimagined TRIBE is the essential resource for single motherhood. Whether you’re contemplating becoming a single mother, trying to conceive, pregnant and solo or raising donor conceived children, then Motherhood Reimagined Tribe  can help you embrace your unique path to motherhood.

Join a vibrant group for guest experts, support and information on topics relevant to every stage of the SMC journey. 

  • LIVE BI-MONTHLY GUEST EXPERT ZOOM CALLS (topics include estate planning, breastfeeding support, discussing donor origins, newborn care,
  • SMC PANELS ON TOPICS OF INTEREST (dating, raising multiples, using an egg donor, Surviving TTC for long periods)

Upcoming guest experts: 

  • rebecca Plum: newborn care and breastfeeding
  • Jeanette Marsala: Estate Planning Basics for Single moms
  • Katerina Barron: Postpartum health


Motherhood Reimagined  Support Groups are designed to provide you a with an intimate experience with me and a small group of women in exactly the same stage as you. You’ll develop a powerful community with no more than 10 other women at the same stage of the process as you and weekly group training calls with Sarah covering specific topics each week. In addition to all the benefits of a TRIBE Lite membership, you also get:

  • Weekly Group Video Calls via Zoom with me and your classmates
  • Private Online Community Forum for vibrant discussions and continuous support
  • Access to the Content Vault covering every stage of the journey. Overviews of the process, emotional considerations, self reflection exercises, action steps and more. 
  • Intimate class size not to exceed 10 women
  • Exclusive small group forum within the larger Online Community Forum for vibrant discussions and continuous support with the women in your mastermind.

You’ll find emotional guidance, logistical support, and a vibrant support community to help you along the way with feedback, encouragement and advice,

SUPPORT GROUPS are the perfect place to get guidance and support in an intimate setting, as well as access to me for your most pressing conception and pregnancy questions as you grapple with the choice to become a single mom, trying to conceive or experiencing pregnancy alone. 

What People Are Saying 


Sarah has been supporting me on my journey to become a mom for the past year, and I’ve had the privilege of working with her individually and in small groups.  I can’t imagine the journey without her – at every low low or huge obstacle, she’s been my thought partner and my cheerleader.  There were so many moments when I struggled to let others support me on my journey, but Sarah was is the one support that never feels hard – she listens, she shines light and shows me possibilities, but she never judges.  When I’ve been full of self doubt, she’s helped me reconnect to my desire to become a mom, reminding me why becoming a single mom by choice doesn’t need to be a second choice option, but rather another amazing way to become a mom.  From mantras and visualizations to practical donor websites or which prenatal vitamin to choose, Sarah is full of knowledge.  Her ability to be authentically herself – and allow you to feel completely safe in being authentically yourself is truly a special gift.  Beyond checking in during scheduled times, Sarah is always there for quick questions or a quick boost of optimism, or just to listen to a tough moment without pushing for a solution before I’m ready.  I truly can’t imagine being on this journey without her, and I’m incredible grateful to call her a mentor and friend.

Anna R.


Sarah stands as a woman of grace and true warriorship.  She has walked the path and offers wise, kind service to other women just venturing or needing a hand on their way. Her intelligence matches her compassion, a mixture of grace and clarity that can midwife women to their true calling!”


Sarah is a fantastic resource! I’ve been considering having a child on my own, as a single mom, for some time now, and Sarah is offering a much-needed service to help guide women through this process. There are so many choices involved in this journey, from the medical options, to how to set your life up to care for a child, to the emotional issues.  Sarah is a treasure trove of information.


Join A Signature Group Tailored To Your Stage

  • Thinkers/Triers Group (more details here
  • Egg Donor Support Group
  • Solo Pregnancy Group

Tribe Signature Groups are currently being offered at a discounted rate of $59 (regularly $99) a month until April 30th. Coupon Code APRILPROMO


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Communiity membershipComing Soon!!

Access to live interviews with experts, community support, discounts and more. 




Regularly $29/month

  • Live Guest Expert Zoom Calls
  • Monthly Live Q&A with Sarah 
  • Discounts and promos
  • Community Forum
signature Support groups

Deep dive into specific topics with an intimate group of like-minded women.  


Regularly $99/month

Choose Your Support Group


Egg Donor Support

Solo Pregnancy

New Mom

  • Intimate small group of no more than 10 women
  • Weekly Q&A calls w/ Sarah & Group
  • Group Support 
  •  Unlimited Access to Content Vault and Resources
  • Private Online Forum with Classmates
VIP Personal Coaching

Personal support when you need it. 






  •  Online Community Forum
  • Online Resource Library
  • Personalized Coaching Calls: Three 60 minute calls per month to deep dive into what matters to you most 
  •  Unlimited Personal What’sApp Access for pressing questions, supports and updates
  • Personal homework feedback

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