Solo Pregnancy and Birth

A 10-week Childbirth Education course specifically designed for the 

Single Mother by Choice TO BE!


Next group starts June 28th

Classes are Weds. 4:00PST/7:00 pm EST 


Does this sound familiar?

Now that you’re finally pregnant, are you having a hard time finding the right information for you?

Do you feel like books and classes about pregnancy and birth are always catering to couples? 

Are you feeling a mix of vulnerability and excitement?

Are you yearning to create connection with other women who just get what it's like to be pregnant and solo? 

Craving community and people to geek out on the the minutia of your experience.

Are you looking for others to witness and share your journey with you and help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally to be a solo mom? 

Without a partner, it can be hard to find someone who understands and wants to be there for every exciting or annoying symptom.

I've joined forces with Betsy Freeman, a Certified Nurse Midwife to create Childbirth Education Courses just for Pregnant SMC's!

Develop a powerful community of single women who totally get it

Participate in a childbirth education class with other single moms

Connect with the larger Motherhood Reimagined SMC Community

We know what it’s like to be pregnant without a partner. And it doesn’t have to be lonely or scary. It can be empowering and transformative (and fun!)

Grounded practical advice for your pregnancy tailored to single moms

Becoming an SMC is a powerful transformation into motherhood. We would love to support you through this special yet vulnerable journey. 


  • Sarah is a childbirth educator, postpartum doula, and life coach (among other things!)


  • Betsy has been a certified nurse-midwife for over 20 years.


  • And yes, we are both Single Mothers by Choice!

Our combined experience and expertise will help lessen the overwhelm and prepare you for one of the most exciting times in your life.


10-Week Childbirth Education & Support

  • Weekly 90 Min. Zoom Calls (Weds. 4pm PST)
  • Private classroom for connection and support
  • Membership in the Motherhood Reimagined SMC Community
  • Everything you need to feel confident giving birth as an SMC
  • All calls recorded in case you miss or want to rewatch
  • Bonus Reunion Call to celebrate and process
  • Free month of Postpartum Support Group


Next Cohort 


 Starts June 28th!

Classes are Weds @ 4pm PST 

Ideal for women 16-26 weeks but open to anyone


Limited partial scholarships are available for financial need. Contact Sarah to discuss and apply.


When you're pregnant

 There’s a lot to process--your excitement of new life mixed with concerns about how you will make it all work as a single mom.


It’s natural to want to be able to talk about the little details, how your body is changing in weird and wonderful ways, creating pains and sensations, how much you crave sushi and soft cheese, how the baby keeps you awake at night kicking, and what you will name the baby.


There are also tons of decisions to be made such as where to give birth, whether to circumcise, choosing a pediatrician, and what kind of car seat and stroller to buy.


It can also feel like there a lot of pre-baby projects to get done. Creating a postpartum support plan, clearing out stuff, preparing the nursery, taking care of long forgotten projects and generally crossing things off the bucket list.


It’s a time to be remembered. A time to savor that you are growing a human in your body. But many times there’s no one there to witness the changes you are undergoing.


It can be hard to find someone who understands and wants to be there for every detail--every exciting or annoying symptom.


What if, you could build a community of support that wanted to hear every detail and that understood exactly what you were going through?


What if you could consciously take time to work on your support network so that when your baby arrives you can relax and get the help you need.

Topics Covered

✔️Stages of Labor, Early, Active, Pushing 

✔️Interventions, Inductions, C-Sections, Complications

✔️Conveying your Birth Preferences

✔️Breastfeeding and Newborn care

✔️Pain management, breathing, comfort measures

✔️Doulas and building your support network at every stage of pregnancy 

✔️Choosing your birth team

✔️Setting yourself up for postpartum success

✔️The emotional ups and downs of solo pregnancy 

✔️And so much more!


✔️Weekly training calls are recorded so you can listen anytime

✔️Community connection via online forum

✔️Membership in The Motherhood Reimagined SMC Forum for greater connection and guest experts

✔️All calls recorded for future reference

✔️Tons of resources


What clients say

What did pregnant SMBCs do before a group like this?!  A lifeline in a time that can be really scary, the group answers my questions, helps me know the questions I didn’t know to ask, and most vitally offers community.”


Sarah is the one support that never feels hard - she listens, she shines light and shows me possibilities, but she never judges.  Her ability to be authentically herself - and allow you to feel completely safe in being authentically yourself is truly a special gift.  I truly can't imagine being on this journey without her."


How It Works

1. Join the group
Group Zoom calls are Weds at 4pm PST.


2. Get instant access to The Motherhood Reimagined SMC Community

Start connecting in our private classroom and the larger Community. 


3. Move forward feeling supported and seen.

Begin your transition to motherhood with a band of amazing women. 



Meet Your Instructors

We're single moms by choice, with a lot of experience, who love supporting other Solo Moms

sarah kowalski, fertility doula, single mom by choice life coach

Sarah Kowalski

Life Coach, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator


Single Mother by Choice, Life Coach, author and founder of Motherhood Reimagined.™

I’m Sarah Kowalski, Single Mom by Choice, Fertility Doula, Life Coach and author. I've been coaching women at every stage of the single mom by choice journey for 7 years and I can't imagine doing anything else. 

My own arduous path to motherhood, inspired me to combine my expertise as a life coach, lawyer and patient's rights advocate with my passion for teaching mind body practices such as Feldenkrais and Qigong. Through this unique blend of training and experience, I help women quiet the voice of doubt and redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood.

Through my one on one coaching, support groups, and membership community, I help you put down the fairy tales, lessen your anxiety and open to your own unique path to motherhood so you can proudly embrace an unconventional path.

My work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Scary Mommy, PopSugar, First For Women, Solo Moms Everywhere), One Bad Mother Podcast, Red Tricycle, Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen.

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Besty freeman certified nurse midwife

Betsy Freeman

Certified Nurse Midwife

I’ve spent a significant portion of my life working as a midwife and humanitarian. After graduating from Emory University, I served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania, West Africa. Here I witnessed birth for the first time and felt immediately drawn to a career in midwifery. I returned to pursue a master’s degree at Columbia University in New York City. I spent the next ten years working as a Certified Nurse-Midwife in public hospitals around the city, taking care of uninsured women and delivering hundreds of babies. Although my patients were primarily recent immigrants from countries around the world, I still felt the pull to return overseas. Following the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, I volunteered on several missions to Port-au-Prince. Shortly after, I joined Doctors Without Borders and completed missions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, and Nigeria.

I had always hoped to one day have a family of my own, but despite pursuing my dreams and following my heart, I didn’t meet the right man. After much contemplation, at 41 I decided to try and get pregnant on my own. It turned out to be a long and challenging journey but just shy of 45 I had my son, Ben! Because of the struggles I had deciding to get pregnant, then actually getting pregnant, I have created a business supporting single women who long to have a family.

I’ve practiced as a midwife for over 20 years, nurturing women, helping them make decisions, and reminding them of their inner strength. Over the past five years I’ve made it my mission to help single women pursue their dream of motherhood. I know once you decide to move forward, you will never look back! 

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