004: Stacy: Proving That A Genetic Connection Doesn’t Affect Your Bond

Stacy is a single mother by choice who had a grueling eight-year journey to motherhood. She shares her struggles with infertility and the disappointments regarding the adoption and surrogacy processes. She researched every avenue available to her and suffered many miscarriages. In the end, the surrogacy process and adoption process paid off and she became…

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003: Sige: Leaving A Serious Relationship To Pursue Solo Motherhood

Welcome to Motherhood Reimagined, the podcast that helps women who are choosing single motherhood to find a community and helpful resources to prepare for unconventional paths to motherhood. My guest today is Sige Weisman, a therapist who is currently expecting her first child via a natural IUI (intrauterine insemination.) Sige shares why she decided to…

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002: Abby: Having Two Kids and The Gift of Embryo Donation

Abby is a twice single mother by choice. She shares her story about choosing the sperm donor path and why she chose to give the gift of an embryo to another hopeful mother. Abby compares her two pregnancies and discusses the trouble of having two children along with the joy of it. She offers advice…

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000: Welcome to the Motherhood Reimagined Podcast

Welcome the first episode of the Motherhood Reimagined podcast! I am your host Sarah Kowalski. I am an author, life coach, fertility doula, a certified Feldenkrais method practitioner, and Qigong instructor. I started this podcast as a way to unite women who are considering alternative paths to motherhood. I chose the “single mother by choice”…

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