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012: Stacy: Diving Deep Into The Adoption Process As A Single Mom By Choice

Stacy is a return guest who shared her story about conceiving a child with a surrogate and adopting a second child. Today, she tells me about her experience with the adoption process and what she wants other women to know about the “illusion” created by the industry. Stacy’s path to motherhood was an eight-year journey.…

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011: Marni: Double Donors and Raising Kids without Family Support

My guest today is Marni, a single-mother-by-choice who chose the path when the community wasn’t very accessible. She does an excellent job of painting what it was like twelve years ago and the challenges of finding donors. Marni needed both an egg donor and a sperm donor to conceive her son.  At the time of…

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010: Christine: Wisdom From a Mom With Two Older Kids

  Christine is a firefighter and the single mother of a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old. In today’s interview, she shares about the difference between the way she pictured her adult life growing up and the way her adult life actually played out. She talks about moving from the Midwest to California, changing careers, delaying motherhood,…

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009: Signe Fjord: Making Single Motherhood an Empowered Choice

  Signe Fjord is a single-mother-by-choice who has used her experience of building a family to counsel women considering alternatives paths to motherhood and to write children books. Signe’s books celebrate family in all of its forms. Signe grew up hearing fairy tales and wishing for her life to be a fairy tale. As an…

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008: Elena: Shocked by the Capacity to Love

At the age of 38, Elena had her eggs frozen, by her early 40s, she was using those eggs and a sperm donor to conceive a child. She is now the proud mother of a healthy 3-year-old girl. Like most women, Elena had her own ideas of how motherhood was going to be but life…

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007: Ann: Facing Impossible Choices

My guest today is Ann, a single-mother-by-choice who was faced with the heart-wrenching decision to not carry triplets. She shares her story and all the reasons she made her difficult choice. We hear the details of her 8-month fertility process and in hindsight what she wishes she would have asked and considered beforehand. Ann was…

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006: Jill: What Would Love Do?

I’m happy to welcome Jill to the podcast. Jill is a life coach and mentor for people facing big life-altering decisions. Her favorite topic to address is solo parenting. Jill is a single-mother-by-choice who had a definite idea of what her life was supposed to be. Jill is involved with an organization called Uncharted You.…

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005: Gail from Donor Concierge On Finding Donors

Gail Sexton Anderson is the CEO and founder of Donor Concierge, an organization that helps clients find egg and sperm donors. Gail explains how her organization approaches the sensitive topic of egg and sperm donation and surrogacy. She also offers great advice for women currently looking for donors or surrogates. Gail shares her observations of…

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